Combining sleep science with conscious parenting, a journey beyond sleep.

Over twenty years of experience as a Neonatal & Pediatric RN, working with many toddlers and young babies has helped me learn the art of connecting and being attuned to each child’s uniqueness. As the mother of three children and step-mom to two more, I learned a lot about relationships. It was through these life experiences that I began to see the need for parenting support in the early years.

It became clear to me that sleep deprivation was often the first trigger for a parent. My focus was to find an alternative approach to main stream sleep methodologies, beyond behavior, to avoid disconnection in a world where children absorb the stress of their parents. Knowing connected parenting was the ultimate goal, I needed to find a solution for supporting sleep with babies and toddlers.

Through sleep foundations, conscious parenting and emotional wellness, the goal is to first build up safety and security for your child. Without using any form of sleep training, we look beneath the surface of behavior to support emotion before we begin to set boundaries and shift your child’s comfort zone. Through a deeper awareness of “what’s really going on”…looking at the co-regulation between mom and baby, building connected relationships and creating an awareness of energy levels, often we are able to achieve the goal of independent sleep without bedtime tears.

I offer many options to my clients to learn more about integrated sleep solutions and parent coaching. Consider sleep work the doorway to your parenting journey. It is so important that the first skill you teach your child is in line with your parenting path. Having worked with toddlers with complex emotional challenges in the pediatric care setting for many years, including early crisis intervention, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that emotion is the key to success!

Behavior is always addressed with sleep, but behavior is only the message; behavior will change when connection and boundaries are balanced. The most important tool you have comes from the inside. It’s not what you do, but how you do it!

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