We are welcoming new Building Connected Community Members every day

Aarti Kaushal

Special Education Advocate, Conscious Educator

Alex Urbina

Life Coach and Transformational Trainer

Alexandra Folz

BCC Member Liaison,Alexandra Folz, MSN - Intuitive Readings & Counseling, author of The Heirloom

Amanda Votto

Mindfulness Teacher

Andrea L’Heureux, MA, LPCC

Life Transitions Coach, Grief Intuitive and Counselor

Angie Collins

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Anna Bursell

Parent Coaching Student

Anna Major
Barbara Vercruysse

Founder, Start the Life of Your Dreams, Life/Personal/Business Coach

Beverly Reynolds

Certified Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) Law of Attraction (LOA) Life Coach, Certified Parenting Coach

Brian Thompson

BCC Supporting Member, Zen Vegan Poet, Author of Sparks to Awaken

Brigid Hopkins

Reiki Healer, Epiphany Midwife

Cara Pollard

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Cat Knott

Intuitive Life and Business Coach

Christina Rochelle
Claire Cetti

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Connie Kirk-Herman

Parenting Coach

Dawn Bentley-Meehan

Parent Coach Student

Debbrah Oxby

Transformational Coach

Dede Palin Torrens

BCC Presenter

Dr. George Thompson

Chief Medical Officer at KidsTLC, Inc.

Dr. Partha Nandi

BCC Supporting Member, Creator and Host of Ask Dr. Nandi,Chief Health Editor at WXYZ ABC Detroit, practicing physician

Dr. Shefali

BCC Supporting Member, Clinical Psychologist, Acclaimed Author, International Speaker, Teacher

Ed Stahlin

BCC Supporting Member, VP & COO, Direct Incorporation

Erin Taylor, MA

PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Author, Founding Member: Building Connected Communities, podcast co-host

Fawziah Bhatia

Motivational Speaker, Mindfulness and Parent Educator

Francesca Bullo
Georgia DeClark

PCI Certified Parent Coach® and Professional Educator

Henry Yampolsky

Owner of Living Peace Institute, Conflict Resolution, Meditation, Facilitation Specialist

Isabelle Stephenson

Parenting Coach

Jacqui Dunbar

Conscious Parenting Educator and Researcher

Janet Philbin

LCSW, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer

Jenny White

CBT Certified Counselor

Jessica Allen

BCC Supporting Member, Social Media Content Creator

Jillian Lukich
Jim Cathcart

BCC Supporting Member, Motivation Expert, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Juliet Marciano

Student Member

Kacey Hartung

Work/Life Balance Coach Parenting Coach

Kali Nandi

BCC Supporting Member, Mom, Wife, Producer, Spiritual Seeker, Yoga Doer, Dance Lover, Work in Progress

Kelly Caul


Ken Chong

BCC Supporting Member, Venture Capitalist, Chairman at Paradigm Equity Limited, Co-founder of PeacePrize.org

Khadija Bennani

Parent Coach and Acupuncturist

Kim Sauerwine

Parenting Coach

Kiran Gaind

Parent Coach

Kylie Johnston

Parent Coach

Lelia Schott

BCC Presenting Member

Linda Yeazel

Certified Ford Institute Coach specializing in Breakthrough Shadow Work

Louise Clarke

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Maria Sanders

Licensed Social Worker, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Matthew Pollard

BCC Supporting Member, The "Rapid Growth Guy"

Melida Collins

Life Transformational Coach Specializing in Military Families

Michele Gole


Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri

Child Psychologist, Host of MomTalkLA

Nicki Paulun

Certified Life Coach

Panny Braidwood
Rebbeka Weiss
Renee Dellar
Robin Grille

BCC Supporting Member, Father, Psychologist, Author, Parenting Educator

Samantha Diaz Weinstein

Educator, advocate and community-builder for families of highly sensitive children

Shannon McComas

Transformation Life Coach

Shannon Walsh

Certified Naturotherapist with the ANQ

Sharon Koshy
Shenaaz Moos

BCC Presenting Member, BCC Core Team Member

Sheryl Stoller

PCI Certified Parent Coach®, SENG Parents of Gifted Support Group Facilitator

Stacey P. Pinilis, LCSW

Psychotherapist and parenting consultant

Stephanie Piquero

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Parenting Educator

Sue DeCaro

PCI Certified Parent Coach® Founding Member: Building Connected Communities

Susan Katz

LCSW, Behavioral Specialist, Parenting Expert

Tara Spears, LMFT, LMHC

Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist

Terry Chiapetta
Vashti Summervill

Certified Teacher and Music Instructor, Parent Educator

Wendi Stern

PCI Certified Parent Coach