Building Connected Communities was created by Sue DeCaro and Erin Taylor, MA – PCI Certified Parent Coaches® and Educators who completed Parent Coach Certification®.


20151206_Erin-Sue_8644-300x240Sue and Erin met when they began their parent coach certification® program through The Parent Coaching Institute, a yearlong masters-level certification program for parent coaches throughout the world.

How fortunate they were to be matched up as study buddies for this intensive study. Sue and Erin worked together on various projects, supported one another in the program, and even coached each other as part of their certification hours.

Upon graduation, they decided to do their workshops together, bringing educational opportunities to both parents and teachers as a dynamic duo. They both began writing a number of workshops based on needs and interest from families and educators. Their styles are extremely compatible and with ease they created, sold, and presented numerous workshops throughout the tri-state area – New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

In the fall of 2015, Sue and Erin had an incredible number of workshops booked for presentation. They were out a number of evenings, away from their families. As much as they have made an impact on families throughout the 3 states that they focused on, they could not make the worldwide impact that they truly wanted.

Building Connected Communities was born. Sue and Erin saw a need to develop something bigger, to connect a like-minded group of professionals to support their mission to change the world and make a difference.

Building Connected Communities launched on January 1, 2016. Its goal is to bring people together for our children and our world. BCC is made up of a thriving group of parent coaches, life coaches, marriage and family therapists, social workers, health coaches, Reiki healers, and is growing every day. Bringing this diverse group of like-minded professionals together is creating an empowered and inspired community that is bringing about more change in the world.

How this story ends you might ask…they are not certain. They do know however, that they will be making a difference. They hope that you will embark on this journey with them to help others and ultimately, change the world.


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