Aarti is a professional special education advocate, conscious educator, and edu-preneur, with 23 years experience in the special education field. She holds a Master’s Degree & Teacher’s Credential in Special Education.  Aarti is a strong advocate to educate parents on their procedural safeguards, & on the rights of their struggling students age 3-18 in the public and private school systems. 

Aarti has expertise in helping secure IEP’s (Individualized Education Plans) for maximizing students’ learning potential and successful outcomes, by attending & facilitating all school meetings from SST’s, 504 Plans, IEP’s, all the way up to district Mediation meetings. She has extensive experience in teaching, mentoring, tutoring, and coaching elementary, middle, and high school students with learning disabilities and all special needs in various program placements (SDC, RSP) & private school settings. Aarti is heavily trained in Collaborative Problem Solving Methods (CPS) under THINK:KIDS; Utilize these tools for solving IEP & appropriate school programming challenges by working with all IEP team members, ensuring a good working relationship between school team & parents for the student’s educational benefit. She is also trained as a student of Conscious Parenting Practices for nearly 2 years, taught directly by Oprah’s Parenting Expert, internationally acclaimed author and clinical psychologist, Dr. Shefali.  She received direct endorsement from Dr. Shefali for spreading the message of Conscious Teaching & Parenting, based on her teachings.
Aarti created a WhatsApp group called “Special Kids & Parents” for South Asian parents of children with special needs to connect. In July 2017, she launched her Facebook Live-based talk show called “Taboo Topic Tuesdays,” with the goal to provide a wider platform to do Extensive Educational Advocacy Outreach to an audience of various backgrounds.  The primary mission of this talk show is to help erase the shame and stigma of disabilities and mental health, especially in her South Asian community.
Aarti’s mission now is to spread Conscious Education & Advocacy by focusing on professional collaborations with her colleagues in the special education, mental health, and related fields, to reach and serve a greater audience. But her most fulfilling role for the last 4+ years has been that of a proud co-parent, co-mom figure to a beautiful set of fraternal twins (girl and boy), who she has a deep bond and special connection with.

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