alex-urbinaAlex Urbina is a seasoned veteran in the field of Transformational Trainings and personal development. He’s been serving the world for over 20 years as an experienced Life Coach, and Transformational Trainer for Teens, Parents and Families.

As an expert Family Life Coach, Alex helps teens and parents discover more of their own personal power to create deep, more meaningful relationships with each other, learning how to communicate more effectively and accept each other for their differences.

Alex is authoring the upcoming book “Empowering and Inspiring Your Teenager” – The Magical Ingredients for Successful Parenting.”

He co-hosts a Radio Show with his 21-year-old daughter Jazmine Urbina, called “My Conscious Dad,” where they both learn, and share their insight on how to create extraordinary results in their relationships.

Alex Urbina’s transformational trainings are powerful, unique, and invigorating. They deliver the contextual awakening that both teens and parents have lost in their ability to relate to themselves, and each other; to be connected deeply and emotionally.

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