ali-folz-squareAlexandra Folz is an advanced practice nurse, author, and intuitive and has worked in the healing profession for over twenty years. Along with being the Member Liaison and a team leader for Building Connected Communities, she currently serves the holistic health of others through intuitive readings and counseling.

Alexandra has been using her clairaudient, clairvoyant, and empathic abilities for intuitive guidance for over a decade, and she is passionate about expanding her awareness and assisting others in doing the same. Alexandra is certified in Healing Touch and Reiki and facilitates meditative journeys at Firefly Energy Center in Gig Harbor, WA. She is a hospice volunteer and her adoration for the art of caring and healing is at the heart of all her service.

Her book, The Heirloom, is a children’s chapter book for ages 8 and up. This timeless book highlights the power of awareness and tells a mystical tale about an 11 year old girl on an adventure of self-discovery. This book is a fictional offering to conscious parents who are attuning to their own awareness and value nourishing their children’s innate enlightened presence. Please visit to learn more about The Heirloom and Alexandra’s vision for the book.

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