andrea-lheureuxphotoAndrea is a Transitions Coach, Grief Intuitive, and Counselor who specializes in grief, forgiveness, and letting go specific to the areas of death, relationships, loss of a career or job, and life stage changes. Her goal is to help you channel your woundedness into wisdom by finding new meaning in painful experiences. She will teach you how to face heartbreak with compassion, loss with understanding, and disappointment with wisdom. 

She comes to the table with over twenty years of combined experience of working as a School Counselor and as a caseworker for families in crisis. She is also a Certified Grief Counselor through the American Grief Counseling Association. She has also spent the last two years being mentored by Mary Hayes Grieco, of the Midwest Forgiveness Institute, with the goal of using the process of forgiveness as a path to healing. 

On a personal level, Andrea has had to work through her own personal grief, and it has been during these most difficult times that Andrea came to understand that wisdom and hurt are two extremes of the same experience…that they are the beginning and completion of the same cycle. 

Change, loss, and grief are moments of grace which lead to gateways of transformation. Your greatest strengths are revealed to you while you are in the greatest depths of your suffering. You have to stop “playing it safe”…to stop losing yourself in the very experiences that are meant to give meaning to each day… and to your very existence. We cannot go back in time and undo what created our pain. However, we do have the power to change what the loss of loved ones, the shock of broken promises, and life’s disappointments mean to us. 

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