cat-16-400Cat Knott is an Intuitive Coach, Writer and Speaker who works with people who are ready to walk their soul led purpose in life.
Cat’s passion is showing individuals, just like you, who know they have something amazing to offer to the world, that they already have the courage and skills to be able to make that happen.

Cat has spent the last 15 years helping people to create the life of their choosing and their Soul’s Business; and as an intuitive creative she brings together a spiritual knowing that you’re ready now to do what you’re being called to, with a practical human being kick up the ass to get you there.

She has a unique insight into the world as an intuitive channel, backed up with a collection of information stuffed into her brain: from technology solutions, website creation know-how, marketing insight, quick fixes, things to avoid and how tos; helping you to feel empowered in your business, not overwhelmed by it and most importantly to stay true to the joy of the thing that made you want to do your work in the first place.

With years of experience in seeing the bigger picture and knowing the pieces that need to be put together to make your BIG idea possible she has a unique way of super charging your soul calling with simple, mindful, action that will shift and change not only your business, but the way that you see your business.

“I absolutely trust that the universe has a plan for all of us, but I also believe there is a time when we need to recognize that inspiration, get practical, and meet that universal calling half way.
Only when you take the first step, can the second become clear. Together we’ll Listen, Plan & Take Action.”



  1. Hello every one! 🙂

    I´m a portuguese, shool teacher, hipnotherapist and mum of tree children. And as i begun to learn more about conscious parenting, i discoverd that it meant something special in my life and it could make positive changes in many of other family´s lives. So, it would be great for me, if i could also be a part of this movement/ comunity to exchange knowledge and experiences. I´m also about to work with some portuguese family´s soon.

    My best regards, Ana Machado

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