For nearly 20 years, Dawn’s passion has been to positively impact behavior in various capacities. In corporate and non-profit environments, she has centered her career around helping people. Prior to founding her coaching practice in 2018, Dawn collaborated with a non-profit and several businesses to launch a program to teach young children healthy coping skills. She helped plan and deliver a Walter Reed Foundation-funded retreat for veterans and their significant others. For the last four years, one of the highlights of Dawn’s week has been volunteering at a preschool for at-risk families, where she intuitively gravitates to the children that need a little extra help and creates an individualized plan to help them succeed.

Dawn is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, a year-long intensive graduate level program through The Parent Coach Institute, developed in conjunction with Seattle Pacific University. Additionally, Dawn earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami and completed post-baccalaureate work in Psychology from the University of South Florida. Dawn earned a Master of Science in Business with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from the University of Maryland and is currently a candidate for a Master of Education in Counseling from George Mason University.

In her coaching practice, she has a special interest in those families that have a child with high-functioning autism or other invisible challenges. Dawn knows from personal experience that parenting children with different needs is challenging, but can be rewarding as well. She strives to help other families discover the same balance. Dawn has a knack for helping her clients discover what is working in a situation (and there is ALWAYS something that is working!) and reframing to showcase strengths and find joy.

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