My name is Isabelle and I have 6 children. I help parents to like their kids again. My  mission is to equip women with tools to have a better relationship with their children and significant others in their lives.

Married for 26 years with lots of ups and downs, and raising 6 children gives me tons of experience and opportunities to practice what I preach.

After much frustration I changed my authoritarian parenting style ” you do as I say ” to gentle parenting ” how can we work this out?” My oldest child was in his late teens then. If I can do that, so can you!

My expertise is in the following areas:

– retraining the mind

– building self-confidence

– learning to apply conscious parenting

– understanding teens

– keeping your marriage healthy

I learned to calm my little girl, who is so insecure and fearful, so I can successfully handle triggers.

As I was lost in parenting, I had to find another, more gentle way. I am a certified parent/relationship coach under Live Inspired Now Coach Training School . As I worked with a mentor I discovered my gift of helping women; encouraging them to live life fully and put fun back on the calendar!

I’m always learning by reading or listening to books. I love one on one coaching where I really get to know you and can help you right where you are.

I will guide you step by step from overwhelm and frustration to calm and confidence.

Contact me at 732-331-2246

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