Jennifer White is a global human potential thought leader, a qualified counselor with CBT skills, group facilitator for substance misuse and a public and motivational speaker. Jennifer White has experiences in counseling and coaching people with substance misuse, anxiety and depression. She is currently working as a self-employed counselor with CBT skills in her own practice, helping people reach their true potential and overcome their issues with anxiety, depression and substance misuse.

Jennifer holds public and motivational speeches and shared her ideas with Bryant McGill on stage of the Celebrate Your Life Event in Arizona 2016. Jennifer White also works side by side with doctors and other health practitioners to ensure that people receive tailored treatment for their issues with anxiety, depression or substance misuse. Jennifer has also been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2004, and she believes that at any stage of our lives we can make significant changes and work towards our dreams. In 2004 Jennifer decided to leave a 14-year career as a banker to fulfill her dream to become a counselor.

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