I have worked as a school counselor for over 12 years, and am passionate about helping families and children transform their relationships with one another. My goal as a Parent Coach is to create a lifelong connection between you and your child. I will bring passion, energy and empathy into your world. Parents are busy, overworked and stressed. I promise to create a shift in your daily life that will forever alter the way you parent, and the way you live your life! As a parent who used to lose her patience, yell and then feel guilty, and often felt overwhelmed by it all, I can assure you that this process will guide you, strengthen you, lift you, and completely transform you as a person and as a parent.

My love for working with parents does not stop me from my love of working with adolescent females! Girls struggling with depression, anger, anxiety and social issues can work with me one on one to build self confidence, empowerment and self worth. Allow your daughter to be her best self, catapulting her into her young adult years.

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