ken-chongKen is a technopreneur with experience in the government and private sector covering energy, water, food, healthcare and waste management. The value of businesses built over 25 years exceeds US$7 billion with revenues exceeding many times that value.

Global problems related to the environment as a result of high carbon emissions and population growth has created major water stress in many countries.

Ken seeks opportunities to build on strengths of partners to provide soft and hard engineering with social solutions whenever possible across the Energy – Water nexus followed by Waste – Health – Food.

Ken’s partners are individuals and business and political leaders, tech companies, universities and research organizations, financial institutions, private equity, aid relief agencies, governments and NGOs.

He welcomes anyone with a deep sincere passion to help others less fortunate through the U.S. Peace Prize Foundation. The two key platforms on Education and Health deliver significant opportunities for change around the world. If you believe you can play a part, please get in touch.

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  1. Hello Ken,
    I wanted to reach out and connect with you because I have over 25 years of experience working in the corporate world empowering communities. My areas of expertise are: sustainable transport, community engagement, coaching, curriculum development, engaging diverse comunities, innovative and creative solutions for communities. I pioneered a concept which was piloted in one primary school in the UK and then every primary school in the UK wanted to adopt this idea. I have assisted the govt and local authorities with national targets to reduce the carbon footprint, reduce car usage and encourage sustainable nodes of transport. Most of my work involved softer measures to support the hard engineering schemes proposed for local areas. This involves educating the engineers, school community -headteachers, pupils, parents, police and road safety officers, residents, LA officers. A community project involved the whole community – engaging, involving and empowering them towards a project which meant that the engineering measures implemented were effective for the community because the hard engineering measures e.g. Zebra crossing, paths, cycle lanes were used by the community.

    I am incredibly passionate about empowering children through innovative creative ways to educate them. Developing new projects with a holistic approach coordinating with a range of stakeholders from the private and voluntary sector with the school community’s first local authority is what is often required for a successful project.

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