Kim is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, educator, trainer and mom.  Prior to becoming a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Kim was an Elementary School Teacher and Reading Specialist where she worked with several different types of families. Most of the parents she worked with through the school system were not seeking help with education but seeking help in how to best connect with their kids.  Kim noticed how parents felt kids were inundated with screens and activities, parents were exhausted and overwhelmed.  They defaulted to yelling and trying to control their kid’s behavior which led to lying, disconnection, and more stress and overwhelm.  Realizing the growing need for parental support not just in education, but in parenting, led Kim to become a Parent Coach

Kim works with individual parents, couples, and small groups for private coaching sessions.  Kim also holds workshops for large groups of parents.  Kim works primarily with parents of 2-12 year olds.  She helps parents to identify their core family values, the unique strengths and needs of each family, and how to design their parenting to meet those needs.  She helps parents find new ways of parenting without yelling or shame or guilt.  Kim helps them find the life within their family again and learn to strike a balance putting connection at the forefront.

You can also contact Kim at 1-833-3PARENT.

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