Kylie Johnston is a Parent and Teacher Coach, in Auckland, New Zealand. She helps parents and teachers to gain a deep connection with the children in their lives and believes that connection is the key to all learning.

Kylie and her husband Rhys have three children, two of whom are neuro-diverse. Kylie is incredibly passionate about helping parents understand and hear their children for who they are, she offers her parent clients a 10 week coaching package. It was when their youngest started school that Kylie woke to the fact that her older two were really struggling in a mainstream learning environment. It was through her children’s school journey that lead Kylie to write a 5 week online program for teachers, and moved into teacher-coaching. Kylie is incredibly compassionate and empathetic. She has a deep understanding of the struggles some parents and teachers face and has a natural ability to truly hear the needs of a child, helping parents to support their children and their own resilience, gain an understanding of their children and nurture their children to thrive.

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