I work with people who are ready and willing to examine their life and internal world. They are stuck and know that changes are necessary to live a more fulfilling life. After identifying a clear vision for an area of their life, we work to unconceal the unconscious core beliefs that are driving their life and holding them back. Client driven goals and action steps, coupled with accountability, allow the client to create new empowering beliefs while stepping towards their vision.

My practice includes individual coaching, and book discussion groups – all done by phone, from the comfort of your home. My primary focus is The Parent Child Dance. My ideal clients are: parents who want more connection and less friction with their children; adults who want to heal their relationship with their own parents; adults experiencing the challenges associated with elderly parents.

I am a Certified Ford Institute Coach specializing in Breakthrough Shadow Work. My work history includes Human Resources Manager, 15 years as a Gymboree Instructor, and Nutrition Coach. I grew up in an alcoholic home, have seen both of my parents through the end stages of their life, and am the step-mother to a special needs adult daughter. I use this work daily and experience the powerful transformations that are possible.

I invite you to connect with me for a complimentary discovery session.

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