Dr. Samantha Diaz Weinstein is an educator, advocate and community builder for highly sensitive children. She maintains a meet up group for highly sensitive children and their families as well as educates on the topic through various online venues including her blog, Conscious Parenting of Highly Sensitive Children. Conscious Parenting of Highly Sensitive Children is an ongoing discussion about ideas and developments that intersect with neuroscience, psychology, and sociological factors involved in raising healthy, happy, and successful highly sensitive children.

Dr. Samantha Diaz Weinstein is a neuroscientist/research psychologist, wife, and mother of a highly sensitive child. She earned her Ph.D. from CUNY’s Graduate Center’s program in Biological Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience as well as being a visiting scholar at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.  She earned her Bachelors degree from Sacred Heart University where, upon completion of her graduate work, she also had the privilege of serving as a faculty member in the psychology department.

Dr. Samantha Diaz Weinstein, a highly sensitive person herself, lives in New York City where she and her husband are raising a highly sensitive child.

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