Sarah is in process of becoming a certified Parent Coach with the Parent Coach Institute. She came to coaching by way of being a foster and adoptive parent to teenage girls and foster parent champion. Over three years she consumed over 1000 hours of content as it relates to parenting, trauma, special needs parenting, TBRI, and all things foster and adoption.  Through all of her learning and conversations with other foster and adoptive parents she discovered that not many people were sure of how to parent with grace and in a way that left them feeling successful and their kiddos feeling seen and heard. Once she had this realization she started down the journey of becoming a certified Parent Coach.

While being in the process of being certified she has started a foster and adoptive parent support group, been a support to numerous foster and adoptive parents through their parenting struggles, and recruited foster parents all across Wisconsin. 

She looks forward to helping foster and adoptive parents “rediscover their bliss with their children” and find peace with their parenting. 

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