Shannon McComas is a Transformation Life Coach. His passion is for helping others in humanity achieve the inner happiness that they deserve. Shannon has a passion for helping the victims of Narcissistic abuse become the survivor that they are. Shannon also coaches emotional abuse survivors to help them improve their inner connection to their self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love so that they can find their own inner happiness and freedom.

Shannon McComas is an up-and-coming thought leader at the Bryant McGill Thought Leader School. Shannon’s journey began when he himself found himself in the middle of a relationship with a toxic partner. This relationship eroded all his self-esteem, self-worth and he literally began building from the bottom up again, detaching from all the core beliefs that originally attracted him to the relationship that awakened him. Since then, he has dedicated his life to teaching and guiding others in the direction of their own mindful awareness and opening their awareness up to the attachments within them. Shannon is dedicated to doing his part in helping humanity end their inner suffering through mindful awareness of the deeper attachments we all have that are the root to the cycle of our own suffering.

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