Sheryl Stoller of Stoller Parent Coaching, and Beyond Expectations – a resource for parents of children whose abilities, sensibilities and behaviors go beyond – is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, SENG Parents of Gifted Support Group Facilitator, and an intensely seasoned mother of three thriving young adults. 

Her expertise is featured in local and national forums on effective parenting.

She is devoted to helping parents meet the challenges and enhance the joys of parenting so children and parents flourish in the present and the future.

Collaborating with Sheryl, parents find that unnecessary struggles all but disappear. Those that remain become fertile ground for equipping children with the life skills and mindsets that enable them to thrive.  And the parents become masterful at enabling that to happen.

Sheryl is deeply sensitive and nonjudgmental; knowledgeable and experienced; insightful and intuitive; warm and compassionate.

Parents who work with Sheryl find their better selves showing up and combining with Sheryl’s to make this process effective far beyond expectations.

To explore your needs with her and for more information about her other credentials/training, she invites you to contact her directly as well as to visit her website.