Tia is a Certified Parent Coach, Conscious Parenting advocate, and animal lover. Tia helps guide parents to a deeper connection with their children using Conscious Parenting teachings in her parent coaching. She especially enjoys working with parents of pre-teens and teenagers. She feels pre-teens/teenagers are often misunderstood and need compassionate guidance and acceptance from their parents, especially with the extra challenges they face in today’s society. Tia is living her passion by coaching parents, teaching about Conscious Parenting, and practicing Conscious Parenting every day in her own life. She is an active part of the Conscious Parenting movement creating the change she hopes to see in the world today and for generations to come.

Tia provides private and small group coaching for parents. She offers seminars to help educate parents, teachers, and professionals about Conscious Parenting. She also facilitates Circle Groups to bring people together in a safe and supportive environment. Circle Groups support each person’s individual journey to help them access and trust their own inner wisdom through various explorations. She continues practicing living a conscious life with her husband, two teenage daughters, one dog, two cats, one parrot, and four horses.

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