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Special Education Advocate, Conscious Educator

Life Coach and Transformational Trainer

BCC Member Liaison,Alexandra Folz, MSN - Intuitive Readings & Counseling, author of The Heirloom

Life Transitions Coach, Grief Intuitive and Counselor

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Parent Coaching Student


Parent Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Advocate and DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Founder, Start the Life of Your Dreams, Life/Personal/Business Coach

BCC Supporting Member, Zen Vegan Poet, Author of Sparks to Awaken

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Intuitive Life and Business Coach

Conscious Parent Coach

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Parent Coach

BCC Supporting Member, Creator and Host of Ask Dr. Nandi,Chief Health Editor at WXYZ ABC Detroit, practicing physician

BCC Supporting Member, Clinical Psychologist, Acclaimed Author, International Speaker, Teacher

BCC Supporting Member, VP & COO, Direct Incorporation

PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Author, Founding Member: Building Connected Communities, podcast co-host

Life and Education Coach

PCI Certified Parent Coach® and Professional Educator

Owner of Living Peace Institute, Conflict Resolution, Meditation, Facilitation Specialist

LCSW, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer

Conscious Coach

Appreciative Inquiry Coach

BCC Supporting Member, Social Media Content Creator

BCC Supporting Member, Motivation Expert, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Student Member

Work/Life Balance Coach Parenting Coach

BCC Supporting Member, Mom, Wife, Producer, Spiritual Seeker, Yoga Doer, Dance Lover, Work in Progress

Conscious Parenting Coach

BCC Supporting Member, Venture Capitalist, Chairman at Paradigm Equity Limited, Co-founder of PeacePrize.org

Parent Coach

Certified Ford Institute Coach specializing in Breakthrough Shadow Work

Licensed Social Worker, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

BCC Supporting Member, The "Rapid Growth Guy"

PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Parent Educator

Parent Educator, Social Worker

BCC Supporting Member, Father, Psychologist, Author, Parenting Educator

Educator, advocate and community-builder for families of highly sensitive children

Parent Coach in Training

Certified Naturotherapist with the ANQ

BCC Presenting Member, BCC Core Team Member

PCI Certified Parent Coach®, SENG Parents of Gifted Support Group Facilitator

Parenting Coach

Psychotherapist and parenting consultant

Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist